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The Love Competition

It is an interesting video about a study in which people are examined using MRI machine while they love something/someone as hard as they can. The MRI study itself and data from the machine are not special (, and those doctors will certainly disagree). However, what is interesting is the people. The time they stayed in the fMRI machine caused them to think and contemplate. When they finished and emerged out of the fMRI machine, they had grown and evolved. Also, the result is surprising because the person I thought would be the dead last was the first winner. However, my other pick came the second. (Hint: He has more nerve cells and connections everybody in the group, so I assumed he should have more activities than others). [Spoiler Alert:] Also, I was surprised that none of female ‘won’. I assumed they were more emotional than males, but I guess love really is more than merely feelings and emotion.

Via: Popsci

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Processed meat ‘linked to pancreatic cancer’

A study in Sweden suggests that eating processed meat such as bacon and sausage increases the chance of getting pancreatic cancer.


BBC News – Processed meat ‘linked to pancreatic cancer’:

They said eating an extra 50g of processed meat, approximately one sausage, every day would increase a person’s risk by 19%.
. . .
Eating red and processed meat has already been linked to bowel cancer. As a result the UK government recommended in 2011 that people eat no more than 70g a day.
. . .
Having an extra 100g would increase the risk by 38%.
Prof Larsson said: “Pancreatic cancer has poor survival rates. So as well as diagnosing it early, it’s important to understand what can increase the risk of this disease.”
She recommended that people eat less red meat.

I know as the report says the study is controversial, and I won’t suggest to have a vegan diet.  However, a good rule to have a healthy diet and thus a healthy life is to avoid processed food (or processed food-like substances) if possible.  Most processed food is laden with saturated fats, sodium, sugar, additives, and preservatives.  Processed food often contains little to no nutritional value because the process often destroys most nutrients.

Eat healthy and stay healthy,
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A Brief History of Media – Dan Gillmor

It is an interesting 5-min talk on the history and the future of media.
I think the focus is a bit west-centric because there were proto-writings before Egyptian writing. Also, paper and printing were originated from Asia, namely China. However, most people should still be able to see the general trend and the evolution of media – cave/wall painting > writing > hand-written book > printed book > printed ads (?) > telegram > newspaper & magazine > radio > TV > Multichannel TV > Internet > Collaboration > Collaboration + Real-Time > Future (Control and censorship?).

Btw, based his chart (3:40ish), this blog is niche and amateur … :D

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The Truth About the Economy

Income inequality is one of the main problems in our society.
(The other I think is political contributions from business and corporations.)
We will keep having social issues if we don’t solve this inequality.

Outline: The Truth About the Economy

  1. Economy doubles since 1980, but wages flat.
  2. All gains from the growth go to the super rich.
  3. With money comes political power and favors.
  4. Lower taxes for the rich result in huge deficits.
  5. Middle and lower classes are divided and are fighting for resources.
  6. Lower incomes > Lower buying power > Anemic recovery.

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Occupy 101 – The 7 Biggest Economic Lies – a lesson by Robert Reich

My first re-blog.
I think it contains important information particularly in this election when the media fail to call out lies and report facts. Original blog: Occupy 101 – The 7 Biggest Economic Lies – a lesson by Robert Reich.

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Post by Email Test 2

Another post by email test using youtube tag and plain text.

Siku, the adorable Danish polar bear

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Test Email Posting

Testing how it is like to post by email with video, image, link, and HTML text.

Video: Portlandia: Did you read?

Image 1:
Comet Lovejoy
Comet Lovejoy

Image 2:
A Quintet of Saturn's Moons
A quintet of Saturn’s moons

Results: It did post, but the format was pretty messed up. I think it may be due to the rich text. Also, the video failed to show up as video.

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Quechua – We all need warmth

I am testing how to post video here. :)

Here is another video clip:
making of “WE ALL NEED WARMTH”

It seems that there are two ways to post video clips.
The first way is to use tag. It is a good way to embed the video clip into the paragraph.
The other way is to simply copy and paste the URL. It is the simplest/easiest way to share a video clip quickly.

Update: They don’t work in IE.

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