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Last Google Reader Visit

Today is the day when Google officially terminates its Google Reader. A few hours ago, I logged on Google, accessed its Reader, finished up all the posts for the last time, and took some screenshots. Not that I wanted to preserve the memory of Google Reader (it is JUST a tool, I told myself :P), but I found on its Trends page there were some interesting statistics glimpsing into my RSS usages.

The first screenshot shows that I’ve read 300,000+ since April 5, 2012. That is, 300,000 posts / (365 + 30 + 31 + 25) days ~ 665 posts per day. This is slightly higher than the monthly average, which is (19,298 posts / 30 days) at 643 posts/day. Therefore, I can say that on average I read about 650 posts a day, which may explain the reason that I feel I don’t have time to play computer games – there is just so much to learn, and new things, information, and knowledge keep increasing daily.

The second screenshot of a histogram displays a weekly pattern of my RSS consumption. That is, I read most during the weekdays and read less on the weekends beginning every Friday. Websites posts most of posts during the weekdays and fewer posts to read on weekends for the obvious reason.

The last screenshot,the most interesting one I think, indicates (I would call) a pattern of a typical work day. Even though websites put out posts throughout the day, most post items are posted between 4am to 4pm (the East Coast of the US is 3hr ahead of my local time). The time I read posts items also follows a typical schedule of a working individual. Posts are read after dinner time, and few to none of posts are consumed from 12 midnight to 12 noon.

In conclusion, it is okay (a bit sad) if Google Reader has to go, and I can only hope there is an alternative that offers similar statistics. So far, there is none. Oh btw, it is now 1:45am Pacific Time, and apparently Google Reader is still working. I have not logoff the Google Reader yet. I wonder when Google will poll the plug.

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