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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope your day is (or was) better than mine. :)

Note: It is not hard to be better than mine because I got nothing. It is/was still a good day to me, just not better. ;)

I think the ideas of romantic love in people’s mind are bad for them and their relationships like drugs which begins with all pleasure and ends with all pain, but no pleasure twisted together with much evil [deeds] and death.

The Love Competition

It is an interesting video about a study in which people are examined using MRI machine while they love something/someone as hard as they can. The MRI study itself and data from the machine are not special (, and those doctors will certainly disagree). However, what is interesting is the people. The time they stayed in the fMRI machine caused them to think and contemplate. When they finished and emerged out of the fMRI machine, they had grown and evolved. Also, the result is surprising because the person I thought would be the dead last was the first winner. However, my other pick came the second. (Hint: He has more nerve cells and connections everybody in the group, so I assumed he should have more activities than others). [Spoiler Alert:] Also, I was surprised that none of female ‘won’. I assumed they were more emotional than males, but I guess love really is more than merely feelings and emotion.

Via: Popsci

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