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Psychology of Political Satire

Source: Political satire

Professor Danna Young examines the psychology of political satire and finds “meaningful differences” in the way people watch programs, and her result: Daily Show and the Colbert Report viewers are deep.  Thus, if you are a fan, you like to think and can process information that has real impacts. ;)

Most interestingly, she found a subset of viewers who watch the show for context rather than for information or amusement.

Such viewers exhibit high “need for cognition,” a psychological term used to describe people who engage in and enjoy arguments, ideas and the analysis of problems and their solutions.

“It’s not about capacity to think,” Young explains. “It’s about their enjoyment of thinking.”

The Daily Show has been my favorite show for many years now.  I first learned the show by a random clip, Jon Stewart on Crossfire, on YouTube when Jon Stewart went on Crossfire.  I was really impressed by him because he was not like other talking heads I saw on TV.  I began to watch the Daily Show ever since.  The show in a way helps me to look at things differently and think more than I ‘normally’ would.  Although I don’t agree to everything he says, I really enjoy his show.
Btw, Crossfire is (or was) a current events debate television program that aired from 1982 to 2005 on CNN.  Its format was designed to present and challenge the opinions of a politically liberal pundit and a conservative pundit. (Wikipedia)  It is basically a setup, political stage show.  This type of shows has no real debate, but the same talking points get repeated over and over again.  (Exactly what people say about lies.)  ‘Debates’ that we all are sick and tired of like 2011 GOP candidate ‘debates’.  I believe media need to serve their functions – do fact checks and call out lies.  Now sadly, they are just tools of political parties and special interest groups, and then, there is the Fake News Channel.

Btw, here are two clips from the latest (2012/01/05) episode. I hope you enjoy them too. :)
Commission: Impossible 1
Commission: Impossible 2

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