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Infographic – How much caffeine is actually in your coffee

Source: thrillist

Coffee from Deathwish company contains highest amount of caffeine per cup. It is a terrible name for a coffee brand. People drink coffee to stay ‘alive’ or awake. Anyway, now you know even for coffee, they all are not created equally. :) *sips*

SQL Join Diagram

A diagram shows the general items of SQL joins.

Here is a list of SQL joins:

  • Inner Join
  • Outer Join
    1. Left Join
    2. Right Join
    3. Full Join
  • Cross Join

Cross join is missing in this diagram, but cross join is rarely used.


Tea Tip Infographic

It’s an inforgraphic that shows the ideal temperatures and during for brewing different types of tea. I used to brew tea between 195 to 205 F (95.5 – 96.1 C) degree. Yes, it is the temperature for making coffee, so one ‘size’ does not fit all. I’ll certainly check this infograpic next time I make my tea. However, the infographic did not provide reason(s) that different leaves needs different temperatures and lengths of time to brew. I am still wondering the negative outcomes of brewing tea in hotter temperature than recommended and leaving it in the hot water too long. Very bitter tea?

Source: Utility Journal: Tip Sheet: Tea

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