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RSA Shorts – The Power of Empathy

What is empathy?
“Empathy fuels connections, and sympathy drives disconnections.”

Four qualities of empathy:

  • Perspective taking – the ability of taking another person’s perspective
  • Staying out of judgment
  • Recognizing emotions in other people
  • Communicating that

The problem was that we tried to make something better, which is probably one of my biggest problems in any conversation.
She concluded that rarely can our response make something better, but what makes something better is the connection. That is very true indeed.

Changes to computer thinking – Stephen Fry explains cloud computing

The chemistry of cookies – Stephanie Warren

Mental Floss – 24 Unintended Scientific Discoveries

How Does A Gas Nozzle Know When To Shut Off?

The video should be called the science behind a gas nozzle.
As a commenter points out, the word, gas, here means gasoline or petrol. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know the mechanism and how it works behind a simple gas nozzle. :)

Infinity in the real world: Does space go on forever?

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

I too had been told that stress was your enemy and how stress made us sick physically and psychologically for the past 15+ years.
However, the latest findings show that it is not whether one feels stressful, but he/she sees the stress. She also talks about reasons and benefits of stress. When we are being under stress, but we create social connections and help others, our body will produce oxytocin (a cuddling and stress hormone), which can not only protect our body from stress related problems, but even ment our heart. The last answer she gave when asking choosing between stressful job vs stress-free job, “Chasing meaning(s) [of life] is better than avoiding discomfort.”

Can You Trust Your Eyes?

The quick answer is of course no. :P
Yes, our eyes or I should say our brain are very susceptive to illusion. Off to google Munker-White Illusion now.

Lucianne (Astrophysicist) Answers Your Questions

  1. If we were to add a lot of mass to the moon, for its gravity to get stronger, what would that mean to the rotation of the earth?
  2. If smaller objects are being pulled by larger objects, then why does the moon get further and further away from earth?
  3. Why are celestial bodies always spherical in shape? i.e stars, planets, moons.

A great Q/A video. However, I am unsatisfied by her answer to the third question. I think the third question is about larger planets, not asteroids. Of course, the term ‘always’ in the question could be the reason that she didn’t see the ‘real’ question. Avoid the word always in science because in science there are very, very few things that are laws without exception.

What to do if your dog gets skunked – Everyday Chemistry

Here are the three ingredients (in the video):

  1. One large bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. 1/4 Cup of Baking soda
  3. 2 tea spoon of soap

Basically, mix these ingredients together, rinse your skunked dog with it, leave it on the dog for five minutes, and last, rinse it out by water. Done.

I forwarded this to one of my friends whose dog was skunked, and as far as I know, he tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. Thus hopefully, the next time that happens (I think it will :P), this will help him to get rid of the smell. :D

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