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Browser Test and Experiences

Firefox IconTom’s Hardware publishes a test comparing five most widely used browsers (Chrome 16, Firefox 9, IE 9, Opera 11.6, Safari 5.1.2) and crowns the browsers, Mozilla Firefox as the best browser for PC and Apple Safari for Mac.  I have seen many tests that declare Google Chrome the best and speediest browser, but it is really hard to have a test result that is similar to how people actually use their browsers.  Here is the test and all benchmarks.

Currently, Microsoft IE is still the most widely use browser on the Internet. Google Chrome is reportedly in the second, and Mozilla Firefox in the third.  Source: StatCounter  Or, Mozilla Firefox is in the second, and Google Chrome in the third.  Source: W3Counter  Regardless which one is second/third, Google Chrome has been fast growing in popularity in the past three years, and Firefox and IE are on the decline.

My personal browser usages:
Mozilla Firefox: ~ 90% of time
Google Chrome: ~ 5% at home only
Microsoft IE: ~ 5% at work used for web application testing

Based on my experience and my browsing habit, Firefox seems to work the best.  It always feels faster and more responsive than the tested speed king, Chrome. It is more stable and has fewer crashes than other browsers.  However, other end-users may not have the same experience because users can have many possibilities of hardware, software configurations.  Also, users’ browsing habitats are different from person to person.  If you wonder what browser you should use, try all of them if you can and find one that work for you the best.  Comment (if you like) what browser you use/like the most, and why? :)

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