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Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia

In case you haven’t heard it, a meteor appeared to explode in the lower atmosphere in central Russia. Fortunately (due to the angle), it didn’t hit the ground, or the kinetic energy released could be like a small nuke. According to BBC, more than 1000 people are injured by broken windows. You can read detailed report and watch some video clips there:

I know an asteroid will fly by today, but I think this isn’t ‘it’. Unless Earth’s gravity broke up the asteroid into smaller pieces, which rained down on us. Okay, okay, maybe I’ve watched too much movies.

On YouTube, there are some low quality video clips as well:

Play to Feed the Hungry: FreeRice

FreeRice, a website created by John Breen, uses an Internet-based vocabulary game to generate donation for the U.N. World Food Programme to feed the hungry. On the first day, the website only collected 830 grains of rice, but now the total excesses one billion grains of rice, which can feed more than 50,000 people a day. I think in one more week, the total should reach two billion grains of rice, which can feed 100,000 people a day.  That is many tons of food/rice.

The game itself is quite "simple", but by no mean it is an easy game. That is, for each word you get right, they will donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger. According the UN each day, yes each day, about 25,000 people die due to hunger related reason/illness. I think it is the least that we can do to help.

In the past two days, I have played the game and reached 10,000 grains of rice. I know maybe I was a bit nuts, but I did reach 10,000 grains, and I realized how poor my vocabulary was and how much I needed to build up my vocabulary. In fact, I have learned much vocabulary by playing the game. There are 50 levels in total, and my level is generally, sadly in the 10s. I know you may laugh all you want, but the first step to learn is to realize the need, so I am learning and building my vocabulary. I think if you played the game, you would benefit from the game too.

For More Information: the UN World Food Programme; FreeRice FAQ

Tom Hanks’ Myspace

This is Tom Hanks’ myspace. Yes, THE Tom Hanks that you see on the silverscreen. :D Don’t ask me why I want to post his myspace page, but not other celebrities’, or even why I post a myspace page at all. If you know me, you probably also know that I avoid friendster-like social networks/websites including myspace and facebook. Thus, I don’t have account on any of these sites. However, I don’t know why I want to post this myspace page. Maybe, just maybe I feel that he is a likable guy compared to other movie stars. (Hint: You could try to add him to your list if you have a myspace account. :D )

Here are his details (if you hadn’t already known):
Status: Married
Here for: Networking, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Concord, CA
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Children: Proud parent
Education: College graduate
Occupation: Actor & Producer

Link: Tom Hanks’ Myspace

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