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Croc Jaws More Sensitive Than Human Fingertips


They may be lethal, leathery, and literally armored to the teeth, but crocodiles and alligators, it turns out, are sensitive types. Their snouts, in fact, are even more touch-sensitive than human fingertips, a new study says.

Source: National Geographic.

Human (or most primates) is visual animal. Our finger tips though sensitive are not the primary sensors that we use for navigation or survival. To us, seeing/vision is everything. Crocodiles and alligators can see in low light condition and have night vision – Shining (very reflective) eyes in the croc-infested water. However, under water, their eyes are not able to focus, and they often need to navigate and find food in murky water. The sensors (integumentary sensory organs) can be found all over their bodies, but they are particularly concentrated around the mouth. I imagine in order to feel their ways around, those sensors have to be very sensitive to water current, water temperature, pressure (depth of water), water movement/vibration (due to other animals), and last touch (by edible or non edible things).

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