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Fireball or Space Debris, 21 September 2012, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

fireball or space debris

I was out in my garden this evening experimenting with taking a few shots of the stars when what I initially thought to be a fireball came into view, breaking up into many bright pieces and moving quite slowly across the sky. It really was quite stunning, like a slow moving firework. I quickly swung my camera up and got this pot shot, a 5 second exposure taken at 22:55:52 BST / 21:55:52 GMT/UTC. The fireball was travelling directly east to west and overhead. The image shows it grazing Alpheratz, the top left star in The Great Square of Pegasus. I’d describe it as ‘fire’ coloured – orange/yellow; no sound that I noticed.

Source: Colin Campbell on flickr.

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