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My G+ Profile Suspension

Now my G+ profile is suspended.
I just want to share what it is like to be suspended by Google. :)
Every time I go to my G+ profile a pop-up will appear saying my profile is suspended (image below).

What I can NOT do:
I am unable to post new posts, post any comment.
My profile information is still there, but my profile image is removed.
All my posts and comments are still there. When people Google my name and my posts, results are still listed. However, clicking on any of results will lead to a 404 error message – “The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.” I know the information is there, but it is hidden; thus, in a way it is Google is ‘lying’. :D

What I can still do:
As mentioned before, I can still see my posts, people’s comments, my comments. People other than I won’t see my posts and comments as if those never exist.
I can still read others’ posts.

Btw, it really feels like being a ghost. No one will know/notice your present. You cannot communicate with them, and they cannot communicate with you. Everything I do is hidden. It almost feels like having a ‘super power’. … I know I can still change my profile and submit an appeal. However, thanks, but no thanks, Google. “Give me liberty, or give me ‘death’!” :D

KKai / 004


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