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Google’s Real Name Policy

Here is one reason that I resumed blogging here:  I have been posts random things on Google+. (Hey, blogging can be hard and time/energy-consuming.)  In July, I had a chance to join Google+, but I didn’t.  At that time, my Facebook account was disabled suddenly without receiving any message from the Facebook. I simply didn’t want to use another service that has the same real name policy. Then, Vic Gundotra in one of his interviews said that Google was doing away the real name only policy. I thus started posting things on Google+.

Last night (Jan 01, 2012), I received a message from Google+ Team saying that I had to change my name or die. Now every time I log in or look at a G+ page, I see this pop-up message [image below in its entirety]. It is either Google changed its policy again or it has never changed. (To give some credits to Google, Google gives me four days to amend.)

I know I can easily change my name to a random American name, but it is not the point.  The goal is to keep the freedom and my choice, and Google can keep its real name policy and let Google+ become the next MySpace.  Google+ is no longer the service that I want to use and that is worth to use.  I have backed up all my posts and may re-shared some posts here in the future.  Now I will just do nothing and wait until Google suspends my profile on Jan 5. … :)

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