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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012!

A while ago, Microsoft gave up on its blog service and transferred it and all content to WordPress. My account at MS’ space was then moved to here. Actually, this is my very first post at and very first post this year. There is a big 3-year gap, and I know there are a lot of filling-gap works that need to be done. Let’s sum up the missing three years in one word first – I got busy and had little time to sit down, think, and write. In the past three years, I reinvested myself three times (environmental biologist > GIS specialist > Web developer). It is quite a transformation to me.

I want to write something here on the first day of 2012 and resume sharing ideas and [random] things. I blog mainly for myself only to retain what I see and learn, so it is sort of my bank of selected memories that don’t mind everyone seeing it. I don’t expect anyone reading my blog here, but you happen to come across read this message say hi if you want.

Once again, happy new year to you. Let’s move forward and grow in 2012.
I now wonder how I will look back at the end of this year. I cannot wait.

KKai / 001


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