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Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath results from two key issues: oral hygiene and gastrointestinal health. Therefore, the first step to solve this problem is always to have a balanced diet (of protein, carbs, lots of fruits and veggies and plenty of fluids to keep the GI tract healthy) and have a good oral hygiene (brushing after every meal and flossing everyday). Here are additional 5 things that can help suggested by Marin Gazzaniga for MSN Health & Fitness:

1. Chew on this – chew halitosis-fighting herbs (parsley, coriander, spearmint, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary and cardamom) or make teas using these herbs.
2. Get some active culture – eat yogurt, which can reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, and vitamin D from yogurt creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth.
3. Crunchy types – eat high fiber fruit and/or vegetable which increase saliva secretion, and let saliva rinse out plaque (,a soft, sticky, whitish matlike film attached to tooth surfaces, formed largely by the growth of bacteria that colonize the teeth).
4. Masking techniques – chew sugarless gum, which is a quick, temporary fix, and it is good when brushing teeth is not an option.
5. High Cs – eat C-rich fruits, which create an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth and prevent gum disease and gingivitis.

KKai: First, chewing halitosis-fighting herbs sounds like a great way to try some "new teas" and at the same time reduce bad breath. Second, eating yogurt works. Period. My father used to have really bad breath, and he had tried pretty much every method that he could think of – brushing teeth, mouth washing, etc. Back then, I knew some Japanese researchers discovered that yogurt suppressed the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth although researchers didn’t know the reason, so I suggested my father to eat yogurt daily. Now he doesn’t have the halitosis anymore, so I highly recommend this method. Last, I don’t have anything to add on the last three method. However, I will add one additional thing to help – brush tongue daily. =)

Source: The Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath


2 responses to “Top 5 Foods to Prevent Bad Breath

  1. 紫色小茉莉 April 6, 2008 at 07:36

    呵呵~  發現    那真的粉重要    慎選什麼入口進到身體裏
    吃喝了什麼    就會造就成什麼樣的體質     接著就會有什麼樣與外界環境的互動
    某種性質的食物      造就呈現在敏感型的體質     
    食物直接造成身體形狀      肥瘦       也會影響賀爾蒙腺體      溼熱燥寒

  2. Michelle January 7, 2008 at 16:24

    Oh yes! I’ve found that yogurt works great! and of course… brushing the tongue!

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