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Highest Calorie Fast Food Items

A website, a Calorie Counter, compiles a list of 272 fast food items in highest calories from menus of 25 popular fast food restaurants. According to the website, here are the TOP 10 worst food items:

10. Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6 piece), 1270 kcal
09. Jack In The Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake (24oz), 1290 kcal
08. Nathan’s Chicken Tender Platter, 1300 kcal
07. Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Malt, 1300 kcal
06. Hardee’s Double Bacon Cheese Thickburger, 1300 kcal
05. Dairy Queen Large Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard, 1320 kcal
04. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger: Calories, 1420 kcal
03. Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger, 1520 kcal
02. Nathan’s Fish N Chips, 1537 kcal
01. White Castle Chocolate Shake – Large (Louisville region), 1680 kcal
Source: The 272 Fast Food Items Highest In Calories

Among 272 food items that contain 700 kcalories or higher, food items from Starbucks is listed, but I know Starbucks have some food items, like Caramel Chocolate Frappuccino with whip cream, have 700-800 kcalories. I guess Starbucks is not considered as a fast food chain (although many people will agree that Starbuck is or has become a fast food chain).

It is impossible to prevent people from eating fast food or to ban fast food restaurants (they fulfill their purposes). I believe we can still make good choices and avoid calorie-packed food items when we have to eat fast food for the convenient reason and/or the money saving reason. By scanning through the list, we can see some patterns. For example, ice cream, milk, whatever shakes seem to appear quite frequently, so it is one fast food item to avoid. Moreover, I also found that it is quite easy to have a meal that contains 2000-3000 kcalories, which is the amount of calories a person needs in an entire day: a cup of 1000+ kcal milk shake, a 1000+ kcal burger, and 500+ kcal french fries = 2500 – 3000 kcal a meal. It is a scary thought to have this many kcalories in a meal eating at a fast food restaurant.


4 responses to “Highest Calorie Fast Food Items

  1. Joen December 5, 2007 at 23:44

    Good luck and long live….=P

  2. Michelle December 4, 2007 at 16:05

    Man! thanks for posting that. I was thinking about that Oreo shake…. *makes me want to go work out* lol.. ur cat eats corn! wow.

  3. KKai December 4, 2007 at 10:44

    Joen:Darn!!Guess what!!I just realized that I have never, ever had any food items on that list. XDI think the most calorie-packed food that I have ever eaten is probably either McDonald’s Big Mac or Starbuck’s Mocca Frappuccino with whip cream. XD

  4. Joen December 4, 2007 at 10:28

    That should be call KKai’s top 10 favorite fast food.  XD

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