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Tom Hanks’ Myspace

This is Tom Hanks’ myspace. Yes, THE Tom Hanks that you see on the silverscreen. :D Don’t ask me why I want to post his myspace page, but not other celebrities’, or even why I post a myspace page at all. If you know me, you probably also know that I avoid friendster-like social networks/websites including myspace and facebook. Thus, I don’t have account on any of these sites. However, I don’t know why I want to post this myspace page. Maybe, just maybe I feel that he is a likable guy compared to other movie stars. (Hint: You could try to add him to your list if you have a myspace account. :D )

Here are his details (if you hadn’t already known):
Status: Married
Here for: Networking, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Concord, CA
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Children: Proud parent
Education: College graduate
Occupation: Actor & Producer

Link: Tom Hanks’ Myspace

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