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25 Skills Every Man Should Know

Here is a list of skills that is the traditional knowledge of how to build and fix ordinary things.

1. Patch a radiator hose (Err, nope. The mighty dupe tape can patch it also, can’t it? XD)
2. Protect your computer (I am extremely paranoia about the PC security, okay?)
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized (Err … It depends on a lot of things)
4. Frame a wall (Yeah … I can do that)
5. Retouch digital photos (Maybe)
6. Back up a trailer (A trailer, should I first get a trailer [to crash] ?)
7. Build a campfire (Yes, burn, baby, burn!!!)
8. Fix a dead outlet (Done that, but it will still depends on other things)
9. Navigate with a map and compass (Isn’t it more fun to be lost in the wood? Kiddin’!! Of course, I know how)
10. Use a torque wrench (I’ll call my brother)
11. Sharpen a knife (Who doesn’t?)
12. Perform CPR (Err … It may depend on whether the "contact" is desirable. Hopefully, it is not an animal)
13. Fillet a fish (Hmm, … fish fillet. Yum! But WT*, why do men have to know it?)
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid (It sounds like someone driving through the snow w/o chain.)
15. Get a car unstuck (This depends on the situation. Sometimes a man simply isn’t enough to unstuck a car.)
16. Back up data (Err, does this need to be taught, Mr.?)
17. Paint a room (Of course, of course. No perfect finish touch guarantee!)
18. Mix concrete (How hard is it to mix water w/ powder?)
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle (Damn you! I am anti-hunting, okay? It is bloody and cruel.)
20. Change oil and filter (I prefer to keep my hand clean. Plus, it only costs US$5-10.)
21. Hook up an HDTV (I think I know how, but … first send me a HDTV, maybe? Btw, I know how to build a PC.)
22. Bleed brakes (Got to call brother for the job.)
23. Paddle a canoe (Err, don’t have a canoe, but is it a canoe of one, two, or many people?)
24. Fix a bike flat (Maybe, but I don’t have a bike.)
25. Extend your wireless network (Again, does this need to be taught?)
Source: Popular Mechanics

The writer says that these skills are a must for men. I honestly have to admit that I don’t know how to do all of them. (Ha, Ha) So what do you guys think? Many blue-collar should worry about their jobs? I bet some women probably can do them all. Oh, well! Feel free to leave your comment and thoughts.
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