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How to Not Feel Poor

This interesting article gives three tips how not to feel poor regardless the financial one’s situation because feeling poor is not a financial condition. It is a state of mind, and something you can change starting right now. Instead of spending more money and get yourself deeper into debt and making your situation worse, it suggests:


  1. COMMIT TO A CLEAN CAR – If you keep your car sparkling clean inside and out, you won’t feel poor. Wash it weekly. Make sure the windows are always spotless.  Do this and you’ll feel like a million bucks.
  2. CURB THE CLUTTER – Clean open spaces, tranquility and simplicity chase away feelings of poverty. Clutter invites chaos which leads to depression and feelings of deprivation.
  3. TUCK A C-NOTE – A “C-note" is a one-hundred dollar bill. Fold it neatly and tuck it into a secret place in your wallet. The C-note is going to make you feel prosperous and quite smart and not poor. You are not likely to spend it on a whim. If you get caught in a true emergency, you’re covered.

I think the first two tips are essentially the same.  I agree that a good, clean living environment(s) can affect one’s decision making for the better. When one makes wise financial decisions, he/she will probably feel less poor, which can become a good cycle. However, I don’t know about carrying a c-note in my wallet all the time. I will probably feel nervous, instead of feeling rich or not-so-poor.  Maybe a c-note of 20-dollar bill is a better alternative for me.

Actually, I have my own way not to feel poor, which is that never, ever say, "I am poor". I truly believe that mouth (or commonly preferred as tongue in the Bible) can not only affect the state of my mind, but also direct my life. Therefore, I will try not to use any negative terms to describe myself. For example, instead of saying that I am poor, I would say that I didn’t have much money. And how can I be or feel poor when I believe a God who is the Lord, the owner, of heavens and earth.

Source: Debt-Proof Living


2 responses to “How to Not Feel Poor

  1. Michelle October 23, 2007 at 03:49

    I hide money around my room and forget about it. then randomly find it much later lol it’s fun… though i think i have found all my stashed money :(

  2. 紫色小茉莉 October 20, 2007 at 20:15

    紫色小茉莉 給kkai 的紫色小茉莉 | 2007/10/21 上午 04:11呵~粉想哦?!哈哈哈~^_^!勤勤加油哦!紫色小茉莉 | 2007/10/21 上午 04:07呵~kkaiyou will probably feel nervous, instead of feeling rich or not-so-poor. Maybe a c-note of 20-dollar bill is a better alternative for you?^_^!藕能理解啦! 呵~看完最新型車種後的心情~ㄟ! 多讀點聖經吧! 勤勤加靈油哦! ^_^!2007/10/20 下午 01:14(

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