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Talking about Introducing Win Live Events and new Win Live Spaces updates

MSN Space in the past  two or three days has been updated to make some changes and add more features. I noticed it because I had some problems to write blogs, and my blogs with video clips were also affected.  In my opinion, people will first prefer to have the freedom to customize and the low loading time.  Once these two are there, then they will want to have more features.  Hopefully, the MSN Space will continue to improve in these three areas in a good way.  If you didn’t notice any changes, here it is the Space Team announcement:


Introducing Windows Live Events and new Windows Live Spaces updates

Today we released Windows Live Events, as well as some Spaces updates. Now planning get-togethers, keeping in touch with friends and family, and sharing photos are much easier. Plus, we’ve added some of the top feature requests you’ve sent in to us over the past few months.

You can read about Events and the other updates below, and, as always, keep the feedback coming. We are listening!

Chris Keating and Jay Fluegel
Product Managers, Windows Live


One response to “Talking about Introducing Win Live Events and new Win Live Spaces updates

  1. 紫色小茉莉 October 13, 2007 at 03:19

    紫色小茉莉 給 kkai 的呵~你到現在才來哦?! 算你還記得! 呵呵~ 有啊! 就是用聖經經文寫自己的心得感想啊! 寫在網誌上的聖經經文就是藕對一些生活中的人事地物的抒發與感想啦! 只是用聖經經文來詮釋自己的心情感覺~呵~好啦! 接著會多使用一些火星文啦!水星語的啦!呵呵~ ^_^!10/12/2007 8:16 PM(的確使用起來覺得粉奇怪.是還不習慣改成這樣版面?!或一些常會使用的工具都不那麼方便使用囉!呵~ ^_^!

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