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Things You Should Know Before You Buy an iPhone

I don’t know if any of you bought an iPhone (eyePhone) or thought about getting one.  People at posted a guide for those who plan to get iPhone.  Moreover, I think US$600 is quite a lot of money to spend on a cell phone for most people, so it is best to think/know more about iPhone before spending your hard earned US$600 on it.  (By the way, Apple makes about US$333 on each phone that it sells. Source: ComputerWorld.)

1) Not all iPod Accessories and headphones will work with the iPhone
2) AT&T is Evil
3) No video recording or MMS
4) No Instant Messaging
5) Not for business use
6) It’s not a full iPod Replacement, and it has no games
7) It’s not a smartphone
8) The data connection is slow
9) There’s no GPS
10) There are no custom ringtones

Read the complete guide:

I think I can add a few things too.
1. Apple’s first generation of any product generally is not very good and have many glitches.
2. It is a 2G phone, not a 3G phone.
3. Apple’s products are very pricey.
4. There seems to be some security issues/holes, which means your privacy and identity can be stolen/used.


2 responses to “Things You Should Know Before You Buy an iPhone

  1. karen July 6, 2007 at 14:18


  2. Jason July 6, 2007 at 08:05

    the sim card is non-standard and will not work in other gsm hardware.

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