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Dead Keyboard, and New Keyboard

Two days ago, my beloved keyboard died without any apparent reason while I was still typing.  I was shocked and was in disbelief (slightly exaggerated, of course) because it was the best keyboard that I had ever had.  After a few failed attempt to resuscitate it to life, I decided to get a new one and let my old one R.I.P.   Well, I guess after three years in service, it may be able time for it to R.I.P.  Hence, today I went to a local Fry’s electronics to shop for a new keyboard.  Actually, I wasn’t planning to buy a keyboard there, but to price watch, but after a long consideration (~60+ min) in the store (okay, okay, most of time I was browsing through other gizmos), I finally chose a new keyboard, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000.  The price was US$60 +/-, which was US$10 more expansive than that I would like to spend (I can get an exact keyboard online for US$50+/-), but I didn’t want to wait a few days to receive it if I ordered on the Internet.  Therefore, I think US$10 was in an acceptable price difference to pay for getting the keyboard now.   However, the keyboard was not my first choice.   Instead, I liked the feel of Microsoft Silver Bluetooth Wireless 7000 the most.   Probably it is one of the most comfortable keyboards that I have ever experienced, but there are two problems — one, the price is way out of my budget, US$120-140, and second the mouse is pretty big, ugly and not comfortable to use.  To be honest, I never like Microsoft’s mice, which always feel bloated and uncomfortable to use unlike mice made by Logitech (the next shopping trip?).  Hopefully, with the ergonomic design, the new keyboard will provide more comfort when I type, and it won’t take me too long to get used to the keyboard.  Will it be my next beloved?  We shall see. XD



3 responses to “Dead Keyboard, and New Keyboard

  1. Michelle June 12, 2007 at 01:15

    :( i’ve tried useing photobucket but it doesn’t work for my when i insert the code… i donno

  2. Chelin June 2, 2007 at 08:53


  3. Michelle May 29, 2007 at 05:25

    How sad :( i had to get a new keybord when i spilled my coffee and soda on it. hehe… I hope u like your new one. looks really nice. I like the Logitech  brand as well for the mouse.  

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