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Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets

Some secrets about HP company that helps you to stay away from its printers revealed at The Consumerist. I personally do not own any HP printer have never brought any HP printer. One main reason is that the ink cartridges for HP printers are too expansive. I only buy printers whose ink cartridges are the cheapest to replace, and I highly recommend you to do the same.

~KKai :)

1: Many HP Printers, like their laser printers, have a built-in page-count after which they won’t work. This resides in the a transpart sometimes called image or drum kit. Rather than get the printer fixed, it’s often cheaper to buy a new printer, OR you can do a NV ram reset. It resets everything in the printer, including all the page counts, but it’s not without risks.

2: To get past the voice prompt system, repeatedly say "Agent." It will take two or three repetitions, but it will get you to a human.

3: If a set of cartridges cost more than the printer, don’t buy the printer. It’s considered a "throwaway" printer. HP service techs are told to spend no more than 30 minutes working on these because at that point, you are costing HP money.

4: HP cartridges have a warranty separate from their printer. The printer might be out of warranty, but the cartridges might not be. Cartridge goes plooey, call in.

5: Any HP printer that has been on the market for 6 months has its tech support outsourced. This means you might wind up talking to India, Canada or Costa Rica. Of the three, Canada at least speaks a variant of American.

6: If you have been told that you will receive a part by a certain date, follow up immediately. HP Parts Store was recently moved to Central America. HP Parts Store isn’t talking to HP Tech Support because the Tech Support CSR can see what is in the HP PS inventory and knows when they’re bullshitting. Every other part of HP hates HP Parts Store because of lost inventory, improper procedures, missed shipments, etc.

7: Using non-HP cartridges in your printer will void your warranty, and sometimes makes stuff blow up real good. The tech support will hang up on you if it is proven that the damage was caused by non-HP cartridges.

8: Just because the sales people say that your HP printer can use 120lbs paper doesn’t mean it actually can. You want the straight dope on a printer? Call up HP tech support or check the website.

9: If your printer is just out of warranty and you have a problem with it, call tech support anyway. You will first likely be directed to a "warranty agent." Tell them firmly that you have an "extended warranty" and they will forward you on to tech support under "customer claims warranty." The Tech Agent MUST give you support as per HP policy.

10: Don’t yell at the Tech Support CSRs. Most of them make just over minimum wage and just want to get the call over. If you have a problem, firmly request a supervisor.

11: If you threaten a lawsuit, HP CSRs are told to stop the call immediately and hang up.

12: Many HP CSRs are cross-trained into other departments. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they know about the product or problem if you get misrouted.

13. HP’s Beta Software website is at: Only beta because it hasn’t been put on the distribution CDs yet. A lot of drivers here will do stuff that the installation CDs won’t. Also has fixes. HP maintains similar unadvertised websites throughout their system…

14. Point and print = a new hp toy.
Source: The Consumerist – 14 Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets From A Former Employee

There is an update on this issue: 9 More Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets From A Former Employee


8 responses to “Hewlett-Packard Company Secrets

  1. KKai May 11, 2007 at 22:58

    Angela:Just hope the information provided here can be useful now or later. :)

  2. Q May 6, 2007 at 01:03

    Oh no…..I’m having an HP printer now……
    I just bought it last month…….@@

  3. 紫色小茉莉 April 26, 2007 at 07:09

    .價錢通常都很高而且也非常的專屬使用.任憑別家的產品出來.也不可以隨意的替代.這種作法~呵~真是非常高招.因為大家比較不可能三步五時的去把一些機器給輕易換掉吧!這樣大家就需要長期的使用它們的特別配備與價錢可以一直上漲.所以至少可以讓這些腦筋動得歪動得快的的商人.可以在運用商業計策時,反而因它的商品配備給大賺了一場.大大的列表機好像是特賣品.但是它小小的彩墨汁呢!卻是可以非常的昂貴且專屬使用.呵~ ^_^ !
    4/26/2007 12:07 AM

  4. . April 23, 2007 at 15:42

    偶是 Jasmine 介紹過來的啦!

  5. Michelle April 23, 2007 at 04:07

    Oh man… i have an Hp printer shucks….:( lol oh well…. So whats up!? how are U?? whats new?

  6. Chelin April 18, 2007 at 09:21


  7. 做一個自在的人 April 18, 2007 at 02:44

    呼呼~~ 一堆英文,不錯不錯,

  8. . April 17, 2007 at 15:19

    我來囉 ~
    晚安 ~

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