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A Few “Updates” and A Test on Video Blogging

Lately, I "updated" (or more correctly downgraded) my MSN space customization and have deleted most modules here because from the experience I concluded those modules not only slowed down the loading, but also caused the browser to be unstable and sometimes to crash.  If removing would result in smoother browsing without crashing, why not?  That is, I figured that I could live without all those "fancy" modules, and the only module I keep is the weather module.  Mainly, it is for I myself so that I don’t have to visit other website to check my local weather.  Of course, you viewers can also see what weather is like in my area.  I hope everyone now can visit my MSN Space more easily. :)

In addition, Microsoft’s Space team, or MSN Space team, has update MSN Space lately.  There are some new themes, and you can have video blogging. So I think I am going to test how it works and how it looks.  By the way, does anyone know how to make the module background to become transparent?  I used to be able to do that using powertoy in the past, but some time ago they disabled powertoys, and it seems that I cannot change the transparency of the background ever since.

ATLAS Rope Ascender


A 23-year-old inventor has come up with a tool to give mere mortals the powers of a superhero: the ability to zoom up a rope as fast as 10 feet per second and scale the side of a building. The battery-powered, handheld gadget is envisioned as a tool for firefighters and soldiers, and helped earn Nate Ball of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, to be announced Wednesday.
Source: CNN

I think it is a really cool tool, btw.


One response to “A Few “Updates” and A Test on Video Blogging

  1. Q February 19, 2007 at 15:42

    It’s really much better now~~!!   Maybe I should do the same.

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