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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHello, Everyone:

As the topic suggests, I have many things to say. :)
(Read on, if you are curious enough and patient enough.)

First off, I had not been able to use the Internet for almost a week (6 days).  Since last Thursday, the Internet had been disconnected as well as the phone line, so we contacted the phone company.  After two repair persons, the phone line was somehow connected with my neighbors phone.  That is, if there was a phone call, both of our phones (mine and my neighbor’s) would ring.  Also, the Internet was still down.  To make the story short, the problem persisted until the fourth personnel came this afternoon and fixed the problem.  So right now, I am busy updating information that I have missed in the past six days.
I think we should ask the company for a refund.

Last week, before the phone and the Internet were dead, there was a friend who was nice and kind enough to suggest me that I could search job in Taiwan, where there might offer more opportunities than here in the US.  I thanked for her suggestion and kindness.  Afterward, I went to sleep and had a dream:  I dreamed that I went back to Taiwan, and there was a party or a gathering for my "home-coming" (, though the place that I now call home is the US).  Many people whom I knew/loved/cared a lot about in Taiwan were attending the party.  Some very dear friends of mine. Some dear brothers and sisters in the church whom I love very much.  Some relatives.  We had a good time.  Then, the party was over, and people were leaving, and guess what?  I was left alone and became homeless. (lol … I know!)  When I woke up, I was like "what the …!!!"
Really, thanks a lot, Angela. (lol)

Later on, I had one other dream after falling back asleep.  It might have something to do with Angela as well.  I was planning to share here, but sadly at this moment, I cannot recall it.

However this morning, I had a strange dream.  The dream itself was quite long and strange.  It was largely about cars and modified cars that had enough of thrust to fly.  (How exciting, and lots fun too.)  To save the time and space, I am going to shorten it by skipping the whole dream to the last part.
The last part of dream was that I met a woman who had a son on some sort of college campus and became acquainted with her.  Then one day, before I walked into a busy parking lot, I saw a car parking by the road side.  There was his son along in the car, and she was nowhere to be seen.  Being known to the woman and her son, I got into the car and talking to her son, who was about 10 years old.  He eagerly wanted to show me that he could drive as a 10-year-old.  I laughed, but he then began to take me to a ride and driving around the parking lot.  (BTW, strangely the wheel was on the right hand side, and I have never been into a car that the wheel was on the right.)  The boy had surprisingly adequate driving skill, and he got around the campus safely (without hitting other cars, objects, or people).  I, for some unknown reasons, showed no concern about a child driver, but was continually chatting with the boy.  We talked, laughed together, and had fun.  After while, the boy drove the car back to where it was parked, where we met the worried and heart broken mother, who was madly searching for her car and more importantly her son.  Before the boy drove to her mother and stopped the car fully, a police car cut in front of the car.  Two policemen came out of the car and pointed their guns as me.  "Oh well, I guess the mother did call the police and report the missing," I thought to myself.  The police men ordered me to step out of the car with my hands in the air because I was under arrest and was charged with possible kidnapping.  The next thing I knew I was handcuffed.  I was like …. "What the …. !!!"  However, I woke up as I was thinking how to explain to the police that I didn’t do anything and didn’t even touch the boy nor the wheel.
The situation was quite possible that it could happen in real life, just like scenes in many movies.  But again, I laughed when I woke up. XD

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the single.  (lol)
(Okay! That will include I myself also.)



3 responses to “(Many Things in One Blog)

  1. Q February 19, 2007 at 15:44

    I’ll come back here tomorrow. `^^

  2. 紫色小茉莉 February 17, 2007 at 09:56

    新年快樂啊! ^_^!

  3. Michelle February 15, 2007 at 22:09

    hehe wow what an interesting dream.. ah dreams…Maby if u go back to Taiwan u should make sure u have a job b4 u move over there. wouldn’t want u homeless and having to sleep in a box. :) So do u think you will maby go back there?…. ohhh i wish i had a good valentines day.. I didn’t realy. I meen since we arn’t  "Dateing" were just friends who know we both like each other alot… i didn’t  get a valentine or anything  from him :( but i meen.. it’s ok… just kinda stunk that i couldn’t at least see him that day.  oh well… when we are in a "realtionship".. then i’ll have a happy v-day.  till there i’ll  celebrate (SAD) Single Appreciation Day ;) hehe… so ya. but it was a good day even though.. went to a friends and ate pizza and watched the Monte Python and the holy grail for the first time ever! lol it was funny… i liked it a lot.. haha.. Well i’m glad u got ur internet and phone line back up and running.. i think i would have DIED w/o it… hummm well i got toutering now.. so i must go!… ttyl!… I love reading yours and other peoples dreams… it’s realy cool.

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