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Connected Dreams Part 1

Dreams, and more dreams.
Lately, I have been thinking how dreams connect to the reality and to other dreams.

The first dream that led me to think a dream might be more than a dream was: A dream.
This dream (or correctly "those dreams") that I still remember clearly when I was little was an event that I kept dreaming repeatedly.  In the dream, I visited a lake and was on a boat watching my parents and siblings in other boat. Also, someone was carrying on his shoulders, and other people in the dream were singing a hymn, which was the same every time.  (By the way, that hymn is also the earliest song that I can remember or that was recorded in my memory.)  I have "visited" the dream or the event many times.  For unknown reasons, I would learn different things in the "same" dream/event as if the environment both living and non-living elements was constant, and I could simply navigate in it.  In some "visits", I learned about the water, the environment, the weather, and other times I observed the people, clothes worn by my parents and siblings, and details about two boats — the deck and the cover.  One day, I saw some photos that seemed to match what I experienced in my dream, so I asked my mother about those photos, and she told me that those photos were taken in a trip with the church to a dam or a water reservoir.  Then, I began to describe to her the weather, the water, the environment, the people, and even the song that people sang.  She was surprised because she said that the event took place when I was 4 years old.  However, I did not tell her something that was more surprising, which was that I kept having the same dream in which I visited the same event.  I don’t have any other dream in which "the history repeats itself", but somehow, some ways dreams are certainly connected to our history and our memories.

End of Part 1.

PS: I have not visited the event in my dream for many years, but I continue to have some dreams in which people are singing hymn and praise in my dream.  If you ever have this type of dreams, you will understand the peace and joy that come with the dream.



11 responses to “Connected Dreams Part 1

  1. 紫色小茉莉 January 2, 2007 at 03:37

    哇啊! 阿里山. 嗯!下回有機會去台灣.要到阿里山瞧一瞧呢! 住北加州時,只是三步五時的會去雷諾湖看夜景.因為是伸手不見五指的暗,所以天空星河也特別的清晰可見.因為高緯又是高山吧!所以冬季還下大雪.有機會要去台灣阿里山玩.喔哦!忘了!^_^!呵~!大家好啊!

  2. pay January 2, 2007 at 02:21

    ╭╮__ \|/ __╭╮ │           │     │ ≧ ╭───╮ ≦ │   │///│0 0│///│ │   ╰───╯   │Happ  New Year ╰──┬O────┬─O╯       ●│     │   ╰│  O  │     ╰||-||╯
    ■■■◣ ◢■■◣ ◢■■◣ ◢■■◣   ■ ■  ■ ■  ■ ■  ■◢■■◤ ■  ■ ■  ■ ■  ■■    ■  ■ ■  ■    ■◥■■■ ◥■■◤ ◥■■◤    ■ ★☆★  ★☆★  ★☆★  ★☆★★ 新 ★★ 年 ★★ 快  ★★ 樂 ★
    阿里山的雲海 日出 夕陽 山岳風景…等都好美喔~

  3. Michelle December 31, 2006 at 05:32

    hehe… yes 4 christmases.. dads work, my home c-mas moms side and dads side… totaly… Lots of laughter  and  i know who the heck nose hair trimmers!!!!??? lol….. i laughed SOOOOOOOO hard…. omgosh my mom was tired. I as well. i’m still recovering. I made the first photo by. turning the flash off on the camera. then, as i held down the button on the camera. i moved the camera back and forth while the picture was being taken. u can do it with any lights.. ie: break lights, christmas lights, the moon… ect. it’s quite fun i love it.humm yes ur dream was interesting… and odd,  i have done that b4 to wake up as well. that and open my eyes "realy big" then i’d wake up. Hehe.. yes i think u would be able to meet the person head on in ur dream. At times i’m able to do it. but i generaly don’t think to myself that: "I’m in a dream, I’m dreaming this" it’s only when i have the dream again (reaccureing dreams)  Then i tell myself that i can change it of i want!… But this dream, i don’t understand… The only thing i can think of when i look at my dream was i had our last christmas at my grandparents house with all my family. hense their house and everyone in there. but i don’t understand anymore. my friends Kevin and Kyleigh were in the house as well. who also died. and I saw them die. as i died. I had a dream come true a few days ago. My cousin Ryan broke up with my friend Amy. for good. (after 3 years on and off again… he didn’t feel like God was calling him to persue her for marrage and he is leaving for college this summer)  any way i dreamed That he broke up with her and she Ran past me crying, telling me: "i’ll tell u later" what was wrong. I had that dream last month. and now it’s true. So idk… just that some of my dreams come true… and it’s not like i’m worryed about anything right now… realy. I’m on break… the only thing i worry about in life is Failing. but now i’m ramboling. but the feeling was realy neat as i floated up to heaven while looking down at the earth.. it was neat.

  4. Michelle December 27, 2006 at 17:37

    Thanks for the encouragement. I took a spanish class over again and got a B the second time. … So hopefuly Histroy will be like that as well. haha my friend is a vegetarian whos just starting to eat meat.. So i introduced her to the shrimp!! and she liked it. i love butterflys.. they are soo pretty..So how was your Christmas?

  5. pay December 21, 2006 at 01:01

    ______*_____^^^^_________________*_______________*___________^☆^*^____*_______*__________*____*__________^^*^^★^ __*__聖誕節快到囉_______________**__*_____^^★^^^*^^ __*_____________*____________*_______ *^^^^*^^^^*^ _________________________*___*__*____^^^^*^^^^^*^^^ __*_祝____kkai_____________*______^*^^^^^^^^*^^^*^ __________*Merry Christmas唷____*_*___^^^^★^^*^^^★^^*^___________________________*____*^☆^*^^^^^^^*^^^^^* ___#^Q^#_______*_________*___^^^^*^^^^^^*^^☆^*^^^^ _______*_________*______*__★^^*^^^^★^^^^*^^^^☆^^ ________________________*_^*^^☆^^*^^^^*^^^^★^^*^^^_____________@^__^@___*____*________|||______________#*Q*#___*__________*_____________|||__________________________________*▄▅▆▆▇▇██▇▆▆▅▅▄▃▃▂▂▃▃▃▄▄▅

  6. Michelle December 18, 2006 at 07:05

    hmm lol ya well i think that "quote" came from a friendship that was kinda hard lol.. but i’m glad u like my poems. i know i’ve been writing a lot of blog entries recently haha.. i guess trying to make up for a sumester of my absence hehe.. but ya. thanks for the comments. I’ll post more of my dreams.. i have so many.. so i’ll keep posting them if they are interesting.. or just plan random :) I’m looking forward to ur Part 2 of ur dream. :D haha… oh ya.. it is quite possible that i am a nerd.. It felt to good to be back… I think i want some glasses like that.. only smaller that will flatter my face more.. I did have some but i went water skiing with them on and lost them.. :( So sad.. so i should get some glasses.. Ya.. well i am a Nerd.. :P heheheh

  7. 紫色小茉莉 December 18, 2006 at 04:26

    KKai : 呵呵呵!聖誕快樂哦! ^_^!

  8. KKai December 5, 2006 at 00:37

    Well … you have to know/remember …我小時後是超皮的那種所以能感覺到 joy and peace是很不尋常的事有點像是違反我的天性

  9. Joyce December 4, 2006 at 09:11

    peace and joy……
    to me its kind of scary… = =

  10. Michelle December 4, 2006 at 06:24

    Humm thats very interesting… i have recurrings dreams to… but im always trying and change them, not like u are doing and learn somthing new about the dream..  I wish i had dreams like that

  11. 紫色小茉莉 December 2, 2006 at 17:44

    呵呵呵!KKai 作夢嗎?!在夢境裏,時常都有一些特別的感覺呢!^_^!

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