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Ways to Blog Easier at MSN Spaces

Yesterday, I talked about there were ways that could make accessing your MSN Spaces and writing blogs less pain in the rear end easier. I may extend the list of ways later as I learn more or when more options become available.

1. Use Windows Live Writer or Other Similar Programs
I introduced Windows Live Writer yesterday. Today, this blog is written and will be published using Windows Live Writer as a test, and so far I find that the program is very easy and fast to use. Yes, there are other alternatives. I know a number of them, but I won’t go over those alternatives because I have not tested them myself. The program can be download here.

2. Use Other Browsers
From my experience, IE (Internet Explorer) is probably the main source of all the problems — failures to load the page, slowdowns and crashes. So if you browse MSN Space using other browsers, the loading speed decreases greatly. In the past, MSN Spaces look quite different with/ other browser, but thank MS’s Space Team for the latest update. Right now, MSN Spaces are much more compatible to other browsers, except the Windows Media Player. Two recommended Alternatives: Firefox and Opera

3. Use Mobile Link
Use IE and access MSN Space by this link:
By the link, you can only access MSN Space with a lightening speed — the fastest way that I know of.  However, there are three catches.  First, it contains almost no images and no fancy layout.  That is, it is a plain text page, but it shouldn’t be a problem if all you want to do is to read blogs and read/write comments.  The second catch is that you cannot publish a blog, yet you can still comment.  Last, you will only see two lists of blogs — one list contains blogs written by people on your MSN contact list, and the other latest updated blogs.  Recently, I requested a number of people to be on my MSN list because I think it will be browsing their MSN Spaces faster and easier.  However, this drawback can be overcome as long as you know the addresses of the Space pages.  For example, the link of my MSN Space is , and you can access my mobile page by adding mobile between ikkai and spaces —  By the way, other browsers may have problems accessing using this method, and one other problem comes if you have many MSN Spaces that you want to read.

4. Disable Windows Media Player on the Page
I know we all love to have music on the page (except those dial-up users), but for better stability and speed, my suggestion is that it is the best to disable it (though it may be painful to some).

I hope these tips are helpful to you


2 responses to “Ways to Blog Easier at MSN Spaces

  1. 公主 August 31, 2006 at 18:27


  2. KATIA August 31, 2006 at 10:24

    Thanks for the tips!
    See you

    "Living…is always arriving where all begins!
    Love… is going where nothing finishes!
    Live…. as if it is still so early to learn!
    Think…as if it would be too late to misunderestand!
    Feel what you voice out… tenderly!
    Voice what you think… hopefully!
    Think about what you do…faithfully!
    Do whatever you need to do…with Love!"
     Hv a fantastic weekend

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