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A Review of Last Week

In the beginning of last week, I was in an extremely good mood.  However, one of my hard drive seemed to have some unknown problems and probably would die soon, so I brought an external hard drive to be my storage drive so that I could retire that problematic hard drive.  Then, something went wrong with my computer as I installed WinXP, and I didn’t know why I was unable to reinstall WinXP, which should be a piece of cake.  I had done it numerous times.  I tried to install it many times, but the computer would either crashed in the middle of the installing process or crashed on the first startup after installing.  Afterward, something even stranger happened.  The CD, WinXP CD, that I used to bootup the system (so that I could install my operation system) misidentified my hard drives. This caused me to delete the partitions and realized later that I had deleted the wrong partitions.  Luckily, I am able to recover about 50% of data and am still trying to recover data on my external drive.

Moreover, last week I was sick for two days.  In those two days, I ate mostly fruit only, and I felt my head was going to explore.  Maybe I spent all the time thinking how to fix my computer problem, yet I was stiling thinking about the same thing, just in less frequency.  At last, you know the computer is back to operational state, of course.

Also last week, I had a strange dream in one morning.  I dreamed that I was doing a marine research along a beach, and because we did not have enough data, I had to dive to collect some more samples.  When I walked to the beach, I found the sand was beautiful in golden, yellow, but the water was murky — dim and somewhat dirty.  No one was there playing, but I alone.  Then, I jumped into the ocean and began to survey the bottom of the sea.  At first, all I could see are a few sea shields scattered randomly on the sandy bottom.   Soon afterward, not far away from the seashore, I found a deep ocean cliff. It is so deep that all I could see was black bottom as the sunlight was swallowed by the deep.  I said to myself, "This is the reason that we did not get enough data sample.  I got to let them know about it."  However, I began to sink faster and faster as if I was sucking downward.  I was trying hard to get to the surface, for I feared that I might be suffocated.  A small voice in my head told me, "It is the deep of sleepness."  Then, I was still trying to get to the surface because by then I knew that I would be awake.  Slowly I was surfacing the water, but strangely, the speed that I was moving forward was still the same as I was sucking into the deep.  Therefore, I was like a speedboat going up and down on the surface of water with the great speed.  Finally, after a while I took off into air and woke up. Yet even when I was awake (I knew I was awake), I could not open my eyelids as if they were glued together.



6 responses to “A Review of Last Week

  1. Q July 30, 2006 at 12:39

    How can you remeber every detail in your dream!
    It is also hot in Taiwan now! Very hot and humid!

  2. 紫色小茉莉 July 25, 2006 at 03:05

    嗨! KKai :

  3. 紫色小茉莉 July 18, 2006 at 12:16


  4. KKai July 14, 2006 at 06:54

    Err … 你說的很玄 XD
    It is just my baby …. lol

  5. 紫色小茉莉 July 13, 2006 at 16:26

    KKai :  凡事靠主!多禱告祈求.共勉之!

  6. Joen July 13, 2006 at 14:59

    Mr. Chin:

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