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Help Climate Change Experiment

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Do you leave your computer on most of the time?  If yes, you can donate your computer power by helping calculate the climate change and predict what changes our climate may be.  The reason is that modern home computers can perform billions of calculations per second, but most of the time, it is more than enough for the needs of average users.  That is, your computer is most of time idle when you are working on your computer.  This distributed computer projects will use only the spare CPU time and will not affact your day to day computer usage.  All you need to do is to download a program, sign in, and then the program will begin to recieve data for the project and do the calculation.  Once the computer finishes calculating, it will automatically send the result back to BBC.  I hope all of you can be part of it.
Source: BBC About the Climate Change Experiment

Image hosting by PhotobucketQuote:
Trying to predict climate change is hard. There are lots of factors involved – air temperature, sea temperature and cloud cover all play a part – as do dozens of other variables. Therefore, there are a huge number of calculations involved.
One solution is for scientists to use the largest supercomputer they can find. But even the biggest supercomputers are only so good.

We think you can do better.
Using a technique known as distributed computing, we’re hoping to harness the power of thousands of PCs around the world. If 10,000 people sign up, we’ll be faster than the world’s biggest computer. And we’re hoping to be even better than that.

More about climate prediction and distributed computing

Click here to take part in this experiment



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  7. KATIA March 14, 2006 at 11:13

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  13. KKai March 1, 2006 at 05:32

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    I am sorry.
    I don’t really understand what you were saying or what messages you wanted to get across.

  14. KKai March 1, 2006 at 05:30

    >>I am just glad you got your inspirtions back.
    Read the first paragraph of the blog, "Reflections on His Personal Message", again, maybe? XD
    I often have many things to say, but all ideas need to be developed and organized before I can post it here.  It will take lots time, and as the result, I often don’t want to do it. :P
    Writing is a hard work. XD

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    I am looking for people who care about the earth, our planet. :p

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  18. Joyce February 28, 2006 at 08:20

    沒啥興趣 = =

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