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Two Uncommon Dreams

This morning I had two dreams. The one that came first was a regular dream with some twists. The latter was a drama/romance-movie-like dream.  I know what you may think when I mention the word romance.  It is not the term that I would ever use or be used to describe as one of my characters, and I don’t want to pretend to be romantic in any way.  I simply happened to have that type of dream today.  The dream was quite long if I describe every single detail, so I will only briefly narrate the story.

The first dream had a “regular” scene, in which I was taking a final exam and somehow lost the exam paper. (lol) If you read my blog often, you know that this type of scene appears in my dream quite frequently.  Up to this very day, I still puzzle why I often have this type of dreams.  However, the one in this morning was a little different.  First, it was a final exam on history, and I still could clearly remember the first question, which was filling the blank space according the time sequence.  As I read the question, I thought, “Shoot! I did not really study, and I am doomed!”  Somehow magically, I realized what I could do, but then mysteriously I lost my exam paper.  Hencefore, as what I usually did in my dream when that happened, I began to search.  Thirty minutes later, one hour later, I was still in searching of my exam, and people started finishing and turning their papers.  They seemed to be released, easy, and happy as they finished their exams.  I, however, was getting more and more nervous as the time went by and was thinking that I was really doomed, but then I woke up.  The unusual part was that I used to be able to find the exam at the end, but I don’t know why I did not this time.  (Any suggest?  Guess?  I am open for any interpretation :D)

The other dream began with a Paris-like city – European style city, streets, squares, buildings.  It was in wartime, and the city was under attack.  Most people in the city did not seem to be affected by the war, however.  They still went to different places in the city, hand out with my friends, made new friends, and still had their daily routine despite the war.  Unlike what I would like to do in real life, I went around the city, handed out with my friends, and found a Taiwanese restaurant (台灣小吃店).  While eating with them, I told my friends that it was the best Taiwanese restaurant in town (in term of taste).  After going to the restaurant a few times, I met a group of people.  They were Asians (a group of friends) going out together to the restaurant.  Among them, there were two very beautiful twin sisters – one is prettier than the other.  I began to like the prettier one as you could imagine.  I spent some time with the group and two sisters, and then, the city was partly taken by the enemy who wore "funky black suits". The army of my government (or original government) was still fighting, but retreating. We learned that they still held the territory on the other side of river, but the new government forbade the citizens to go out and socialize. Thus, we planned to escape, cross the river, and enter into the territory, which was still held by my government. I brought the prettier sister with me when I escaped, and I left the rest of people to escape separately. After a long journey in the city, which was bombed and was like the German city in World War 2, we had avoided being seen , fire exchanges, enemy soldiers among the rubble, we finally reached the river. To my surprise, I found a group of our army was at the bank of the river. The highest rank general of my government was among the soldiers with many military vehicles, tanks, and they also were trying to cross the river, but could not because the river was too deep for those vehicles. Beside, the enemy was after them, so we all were thinking what to do and how to get them cross the river. Then a soldier found a section of river was low enough for vehicles and people to cross, and they were excited and began to cross. The prettier sister and I too were crossing, but we were so excited and started making out as we crossed (in the water). After all of soldiers had gone to the other side of river, there was a great shout. We all cheered, shout because we had escaped from a great danger, and the soldiers could defense safely from the other side of the river. The life on the other side of the river was the same as the life I had before the city was partly taken. The prettier sister and I was happy, fell in love, became boyfriend and girlfriend, but then she suddenly abandoned me. I was broken, sad, and was wondering in the street. Accidentally in front of a house, I met the other twin sister. A complicated feeling came to me when I saw her, but I decided to talk to her as a friend. When I approached her, before I began any conversation, she said, “I’ve heard everything between you and my sister, but please don’t try to make me your girlfriend.” I answered, “No, certainly not. I just wanted to talk to you as a friend.” So we entered the house and talk. The end.
(I skipped details on the social life before the city was partly taken, the time and situation under enemy regime, the journey of escaping, and the life after we were in love to shorten the length because I personally feel that the dream could be made into a novel or movie. :p)

(proof reading, editing tomorrow)


10 responses to “Two Uncommon Dreams

  1. E December 23, 2005 at 21:08

    Thank you for your visit and for the suggestion. Right now the things that I "copy & paste" are my current inspirations, projects, interest and my feelings are behind the choosing of them. Its a bit mysterious but it will have to do for now. Here is my current poem; Its nothing sort of fantastic but it, nothing the less, is my real words and thoughts:!1p7CUx_58tPY7lvn7Z4laAmw!334.entryWell that’s it for now.Happy Holiday and take care,[Kitty]

  2. Stephen December 23, 2005 at 07:19

    KKai, Merry Christmas!

  3. pay December 23, 2005 at 04:17

    * * * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . **. * . * . * . * . * .HI!!! * . * . * . * . * . **. * .*_/\_ *. * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *. *. * >,"< * * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * * , + .*… * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * * . * . * . * _/\_. * . . * Merry Christmas…* . * . * . * >,"< . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *. * . * . * . * . * . . * and Happy New Year…* . hi~我又來看看你了~祝你有個愉快的週末假期~

  4. KKai December 22, 2005 at 11:13

    I think I will change the term romance into drama … XD

  5. KKai December 22, 2005 at 10:19

    Pay:Thanks for reminding me. :pI hardly remember Chinese holidays.

  6. pay December 22, 2005 at 09:18

    dear:今天是冬至囉記得來碗暖暖的湯圓唷ㄏㄏㄏ……(O ^ ~ ^ O)

  7. Joen December 22, 2005 at 05:06


  8. Michelle December 21, 2005 at 20:55

    hey kkai!….wow that was an interesting dream :)

  9. Pastor December 21, 2005 at 18:49

    Shalom,Happy Holidays to all of my brothers and sisters. May God Bless you all. Love you, In <>< ChristWinston

  10. ROSE December 21, 2005 at 14:06


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