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Diary – Cream Cheese

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFood Glossary: Cream cheese is a soft, rich, mild-tasting white cheese usually sold in brick form, or in a small tub-like container made from cream and milk.  Cream cheese differs from other cheese in that it is not allowed time to mature and is meant to be consumed fresh.  It is a primary ingredient in the dessert cheesecake, and is often spread on bagels and eaten with lox.  Cream cheese is sometimes an ingredient in frosting to give the frosting a richer flavor.

Tonight I have some toast with cream cheese on the top.  After that, I was about to have some soup, so I filled a bowl of lamb soup.  When I felt that the soup was warm (not hot enough), I thought maybe I should microwave the soup before consuming it. At that time, I was putting toast away and then took the "tub-like" container of cream cheese back to the refrigerator.  Contrary to what was in my head, I took cream cheese straight to the miscrowave oven.  Luckily, I suddenly realized what I was doing when I was about to open the door of the microwave oven because if not, two seconds afterward I would be frying the cream cheese.  (Only one key is needed to start microwaving.)  Then I began to laugh within myself, and quietly, head to the refrigerator, put the cream cheese back into it, before anyone found out where I was going and what I might be doing.

Last, why do I share this?  I share because someone wants me to write a diary blog.  However, there is a take-home lesson: be always aware of what you are doing and check what you are doing often.

1…2…3… Cheese, :D


3 responses to “Diary – Cream Cheese

  1. Chelin December 7, 2005 at 14:57


  2. KKai December 4, 2005 at 07:15

    Joyce:Yeah this blog was written just for you. :DI was really lucky this time though.My hand was 1cm away from opening the door … :p

  3. Joyce December 3, 2005 at 08:58

    哈哈哈 好好笑~~~我常常這樣子耶 而且是搞雜後才會發現!腦子跟手腳行動通常都會接不上!!而且這種事情成果出來後 都會很"幸運"的有人在我身邊哈哈~

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