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Something to Think About

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Nothing is perfect in this world — our families, our environments, our lives, and even ourselves.  Therefore, that leaves room, lots room, for improvements.  Here is something to think about: "Think of an idea to change our world, and put it into action," an interesting statement I read from a news letter.  And tell me about it. :)

Key: Dream big, really BIG, yet make many steps of realistic and reasonable goals to achieve at this moment of time.



4 responses to “Something to Think About

  1. Joen December 2, 2005 at 06:11

    这真的是掏空脑筋去想的一个问题。^o)“Think of an idea to change our world, and put it into action“世界上没有一样东西是完美的,我们的社会都生病了,地球生病了,可能连我们自己也生病了,还恍然不知。要改变这个世界真的好难,它简直是不可能任务。现今社会发达繁荣,但是这并不是每个国家都繁荣富裕,许多国家的人民仍然活在战争饥饿当中。现在的社会比较现实,文凭金钱社会地位几乎都成为了新时代人的追求目标,因为这些都成为了衡量一个人价值的工具。曾经某一些国家为了在贫富之间达到平衡点而发起了共产主义,让所有的财富都归政府所拥有,人民无法拥有自己的财富,但是这样却阻碍了那个国家的发展。此外,许多社会问题依然产生,人民不再积极努力地提升自己,没有了外来投资就业机会相应的减少。在僧多粥少的情况下,整个国家的经济相应的每况日下,最后也只能开放市场。其实现今真的很找出一个全新的方法实习它来改变这个世界,也许能够做的也只是改进现有的方案,把它变得更好。人性依然存在着弱点,完美其实只是一个遥不可及的梦。改变这个世界当然首先要改变住在这个世界人的思想,要怎样改变———Heaven Knows—–

  2. Joen December 2, 2005 at 01:15

    老兄,这样不公平, 你应该先把自己的想法分享出来才听听我们的。这样的Statement有点模糊,范围太广了。XP

  3. KKai December 1, 2005 at 21:09

    Angala:Oh well …It is a question for you to answer first. XDHowever, come to think of it …You may have been doing it already … :)(wondering …)

  4. Q December 1, 2005 at 09:36

    So, what is there in your dream?^^

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