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BBC Deep Blue

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BBC Deep Blue is the latest documentary film that I watched a few days ago.  It gives a brief introduction of lives in ocrean in differen environments around the globe —  deep seas, open ocreans, frozen seas, coral seas, intertidal zone, coasts, etc.  Now many hours after viewing the film, I am still thinking about those wondrous imagery of endless undersea nature captured by the camera in astonishment and amazement – absolutely beautiful.

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You won’t find Nemo but you will meet most of his relatives in Deep Blue, a feature-length selection of highlights from the BBC documentary series The Blue Planet. Taking us from God’s-eye-views of the sparkling surface to the darkest depths, this ocean odyssey conveys a riveting sense of nature’s infinite variety. Backed by a colorful orchestral score performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, it features narration by Michael Gambon, sporadically used to let viewers immerse themselves in the stunning imagery. … Source Here.

To Learn more about this film, I highly recommend you to download the trailer from its official website here.  Also on its German official website, there are many screenshots/images you can download.  (Btw, I set this particular image as my desktop background.)  As we are astonished by their colors and amazed by ocean’s beauty, there is no question that we ought to pretect the ocean, the largest habitat on earth.  Or we would only have touched its surface, and then the ocrean and all of its inhabitants were altered and destroyed forever.


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2 responses to “BBC Deep Blue

  1. Michelle November 26, 2005 at 21:18

    omgosh no i didn’t…. thank god… I almost did but then remembered i had no $$… + it would have been realy stresful…so I just sat home and read Harry Potter 1 & 2.. i read for 7 hours….

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