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A Lost Ability

Today, a friend asked me over MSN messenger what I would say if I were mad and wanted to hurt a person.  I thought about it for a moment, and surprisingly, I realized I would not know what to say to hurt people intentionally.  Then she told me that people would usually say that she was stupid and/or like a pig. (PS: She is NOT fat at all, but instead is very skinny and underweight.)

Those sayings are common, but very distant from my mouth and my thought.  In fact, I have my own definition of being stupid – a person knows how wrong, bad, dangerous, risky, or whatever a thing is, yet still does it.  Only if the action of someone meets the definition above, I will then tell the person it, what he/she does, is indeed stupid.  Nevertheless, I won’t use the term, stupid, for the purpose of hurting someone.  As for the "piggy analogy," because of my biology background, before one says a species is a species, he/she will need first to define and list what make a species to be the species.  In this case, what makes pig pig? Unless all listed condition are met, a species is not the species.  This is very hard to do, and it is something that I will avoid.  Plus, to say someone is like a pig is an insult for pig.

I knew that I did try/knew how to say something to hurt people and did call someone as a pig, a b-i-t-c-h (, or other animals) when I was young.  However, after accepting Jesus as my personal savior, it gets harder and harder for me to hurt someone.  Maybe day by day I am turned and become less and less harmful, and so more and more harmless to other human beings.  Indeed, it is an ability that I have lost FOR GOOD.

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Btw:  Unsatisfied, she then asked the worst word that I would say to scold someone.  Again I thought for a moment and answered, “that would be unreasonable and illogical.”  Then she said, “I have often been scolding by you.”  Therefore, I hope whosoever has received a such statement from me knows that it is a word of reminding to re-examine one’s own words instead of scolding.  It is always good to be reasonable and logical, isn’t it? (The only thing surpasses the knowledge, reasoning, and logic is God’s love, but that is another topic.)



6 responses to “A Lost Ability

  1. KKai November 16, 2005 at 20:10

    Joen:Thanks for commenting.I think I understand your message.There are a number of grammarical errors, but I think my sentences are not error free either — many grammarical mistakes and typos.

  2. KKai November 16, 2005 at 20:07

    Joyce:Sorry about that.For some unknown reasons, I just like to give you hard time. XDYou often will say something like "欠揍", "你這什麼態度", which really make me laugh. :DAnyways, how was your night spent with a giant spider? XD

  3. Joen November 16, 2005 at 02:42

    I like your new music here. It is very nice and feel very relax. Last month when the 1st time i am be here I really don’t like the first music of your background. Second music you put here is from Enya it is very nice. The latest one is great….Can you understand my MANLISH or not?. =P

  4. Joen November 16, 2005 at 02:31

    骂人其实是一种艺术. 你必须要对某样东西有所认识才能用那个东西去骂人.骂人的用词显示某一个人的品德,有些人骂人的时候喜欢外加一些难听的粗口,我个人觉得这样的人是最低俗的.当你使用别人难以自觉的方式去骂人时,我初时会觉这样的骂人方式很笨,因为被骂的人不知道你在骂他.但是后来我才发现到这其实是骂人的最高境界.

  5. Joyce November 15, 2005 at 22:16

    你常會講滿傷人的話 只是你沒自覺而已別在msn上問我 太多例子了我也舉不完 而且我記性不好 XD 也不記得了~ 以後講話前先想想聽的人會有什麼感覺吧哈 我這篇可是整個看完囉 難得捏~ 寫的是真的很好!

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