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A Dream with Another Dream

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA few days ago, I had an unique "dreaming experience" as I slept.  The dream(s) itself was/were not special, but the way it went was quite … hmm …  Sorry, I really don’t have a word to describe it now.  However, as I tell you the dream(s), you may find it/them unique.  Here is how my dream started.


Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn the beginning, I was setting in a couch, and to my left, there was an end table. On the top of the end table, a lamp shone with yellow light softly, warmly spreading on the table, on the couch, on my skin, and in the room.  An audio was on the end table too and was playing a worship song repeatedly, probably a song from Robin Mark’s CD, "Revival in Belfast".  (Maybe someone knows the CD.  I think it is a great CD.)  I was closing my eyes periodly and was enjoying everything and every moment there – the music, the comfortable couch, the warm light, the peaceful feelings, the whole environment, or even the present of God transferred by the song from the CD.

Then the setting changed as if a TV channel was switched.  The next thing I knew was that I was walking in a building hall and rushing to a classroom.  In my mind, I knew I was going to have three final exams on the same day.  This was the first final exam, and I was heading straight to the first final exam.  (If you were a college student and had three final exams on the same day, it meant that you were in trouble. XD)  Surprisedly I was extremely calm and was talking to myself, “Okay, this is the first one. You got to do it.  You are going to do it, and you can do it, KKai.”  I had become "army-like" — tense, but at the same time steady, focused, well-trained and well-disciplined.
As I rushed to the classroom for the first final exam, I heard the worship song in the background, and the song still brought every good sense from the previous "couch scene" to me.  It appeared two scenes merged.  That is, two dreams were going on at the same time, and I existed in two dreams, two different worlds.  On one side, I was rushing to take final exams.  Taking three final exams did appear to be very real — stressful and/or even scary.  On the other side, the serenity, the song surrounded me, and I submerged in the serenity, the peace, and the present of God of the previous scene — so real, so tengible.

What surprised me was when I took the first exam with absolute calm and confidence, and without any pressure and hesitation again in an army-like fashion.  (I think I was the first one to finish my exam.)  When I left the classroom, I did not even look back.  Instead I headed straight to the second final exam and said to myself, "Okay, next one.  You can do it, so let’s do the second exam.  Let’s get it done."  (I don’t know why I used the phrase, let "us".)
However, when I entered the second classroom, I suddenly realized my instructor was not my instructor, and my classmates were not my classmates. In my dream, I just knew.  Even though I did not know anybody in the classroom of the first exam [neither the instructor nor classmates], I did not have that feeling.  Then the final exam began, and all the students were doing their exams except me.  I was asking students around for schedule of the final exams while the instructor was staring at me with unfriendly eyes as if I was trying to helps his/her students to cheat.  "Somebody, all I need is a schedule book," said I in my heart.


After a while and some sweat, I finally got a schedule and learned that I only had two final exams.  Of course, I felt somewhat released, and then walked out of that classroom to my third final exam.  As I stepped out the classrom, I wake up.  Slowly I opened my eyes, I could still heard the song and enjoyed it.  I thought someone was playing the song in the house, so I searched the source of the song.  Then the sound disappeared, and there was a silence.  Then I realized the source of the sound was in my head.  Beside the unique dual-dream, the dream and the reality seemed to merge together somehow.

Image hosted by

To Saints:
I think it is a good picture of what a Christian life should be.  We live in both physical and spiritual worlds.  In this physical world, we live and have difficulties, trials, tribulations, but in the spirit world, we live in worship, in prayer, in the present of God.  Two worlds go on at the same time. One is temporal. The other is eternal. Which one are you more aware of?

(Btw, I changed the music, and I hope you will like it.)


9 responses to “A Dream with Another Dream

  1. Joen November 19, 2005 at 01:07

    In this situation, the better word you should use is ‘ought’. What actually the Christian ought to have? ‘Must’ sound little bit like force to do something. "Ought" is a duty, rightness for you to do something. Am I right in this case? XD

  2. KKai November 18, 2005 at 12:38

    Oh, wellI think it was not about protecting me, instead a pray, a cry of my heart, which all Christians should have.In a sense, it can only be compared to another pray, which all Chrisitians MUST have – "Come, Lord Jesus."Yes it is a "must".

  3. Joen November 18, 2005 at 05:52


  4. KKai October 24, 2005 at 09:52

    PrincessYes I do understand chinese charactors ;)And I am very glod to see you commenting my blog :)

  5. KKai October 24, 2005 at 09:15

    Michelle:Have you heard Terry MacAlmon?If yes, maybe you can get one of his CDs and spend some time listening to it and hopefully worshipping along.Worship is the shortest way to be in the present of God that I know of … :pI know you may be too busy to spend time alone worshipping God, but try to spend 20 min a day. In that 20 min, you don’t need to do anything or say anything, but worshipHim with spirit and truth. I am certainly that sooner or later you life will be changed by Him.

  6. Michelle October 24, 2005 at 01:42

    I’m more aware of the physical world… I havn’t felt the "presence" of god… (unfortunaly) i’m just praying for a oppertunity to feel him.

  7. joris October 23, 2005 at 12:17

    hi Kkai,to me ,it is,i’m living in both worlds,the only thing to do for me is to create no conflicts,and that is going to take me at least one lifetime,have a great day,paul

  8. Princess October 23, 2005 at 11:47

    hey, do u understand chinese? nice space! I like ur space…^_^

  9. KKai October 23, 2005 at 11:42

    After one week, I finally completed this blog.It is now 4:40am.I think I will sleep better … :D

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