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Concerning Marriage — Part II

— the cruel, but "common" ME

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If anyone still remembered, a little more than one month ago (8/20), one of my younger brothers got married.  When it comes to emotional events in the family, it seems that I am always slow to have “appropriate” emotional responses.  And on that day there was no exception.

The girl to whom my brother married is a family friend, and in fact, we know her quite well.  Her parents and my parents were good friends before “we”, all the children in both families, were born.  Moreover, we already treated her as a family member before she and my brother started seeing/dating each other.  I think it could be the reason that leads me to a sense of no change, no difference up to this very day.

However, it would be a lie to say that I was totally emotionally dead because two things happened around me on that day, which caused quite some disturbance emotionally.  The first event took place after the wedding ceremony.  A lady called her (now my brother’s wife) Mrs. “my family name”, and I was shocked for a moment.  I never kenw that hearing that could bring me back to the “reality” out of all the seemingly “joyful non-sense”.  (Sorry for the informality)  I now begin to wonder whether or not it could be even more shocking if I were the bridge and were getting married.  Or perhaps, there is no need to wonder, for it is a certain that it will be many times more shocking. :D

The other one happened after all the events, photo taking, dinner, …, finished.  We were about to head back to Sacramento, the city where we lived.  As we were waiting to head home, I was talking to some girls, and obviously they were eagerly sharing their feelings about the wedding, of course.  One japanese girl suddenly said today she actually cried during the wedding ceremony.  I was like, “What!! Are you nuts?”  However before I had something nice to say, another girl said she also cried during the process.  I secretly said, “Oh, crap! Now I have to put up with this.”
Yet surprisingly with an innocent, calm look, I asked, “Really?” — a much nicer response without lavishing all my negative opinions concerning marriage on those “emotional creatures”.  “Yeah,” they replied and continued on and on describing their emotional “journey” of the day.

Luckily the darkness of the night concealed my uneasy facial expression.  The moon in the sky showed it was probably full moon yesterday as if the best of that relationship between the married couples was in the yesterday.  As the end of the day neared, I sighed and then merged into the night.

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(To be contined …)


13 responses to “Concerning Marriage — Part II

  1. KKai October 5, 2005 at 16:23

    unbeaten_japan:Err … no It is not about me getting married.Just me being mean … lol

  2. sux October 5, 2005 at 02:43

    順便一問~~那張畫不會是你畫的吧?= =||en en~~還有背景音樂挺好聼的~好有自然的feel~~

  3. sux October 5, 2005 at 02:40


  4. KKai October 4, 2005 at 17:53

    Maybe that is why they started telling that they cried.

  5. KKai October 4, 2005 at 17:51

    I don’t know why …For some unknown reasons, girls tend to treat me as one of their kind.They would talk to me as if they are chatting with a girl …One girl even said to me that she always thought of me as a girl …But I am a complete, 100%, nature born guy … :DMaybe some girls here can explain it to me … XD

  6. KKai October 4, 2005 at 16:56

    琉璃1. It was the best that I had found.I used what I could find …. :D2. Don’t ask me why they cried.They all looked completely normal, but they cried upon seeing it.I really don’t know why … :DIf I did, I would not be too hard on them … lolI know you are a little different to most girl …. (that is, anormal girl … lol)

  7. Joyce October 4, 2005 at 06:11

    你放的這張卡通圖片嚇到我了… 跟你不搭咧~還有阿 女孩子本來就是emotional creature嘛 雖然我不認為我是其中一個婚禮上哭 笑死人ㄌ 她當自己要出嫁阿… = =

  8. FAY October 4, 2005 at 03:48

    I thingk the answer is depend on our mood in different situation. So it makes sense that you belong to all of the results(but not in one time).

  9. KKai October 2, 2005 at 16:42

    I think I should be able to "fit" into the answer of the most (if not all) answers. :DYou should just post all the results and let me look at them. ;)

  10. FAY October 2, 2005 at 08:21

    还有,最近是不是有流行弟弟比哥哥先结婚的趋势呢?我有个朋友的弟弟比他小十多岁,居然年纪轻轻就结婚了,反倒是我这个朋友过了而立之年了,还是结了几次婚都没结成,最后给我的结论是"I know I am too fussy…" 那时我顿悟:“选这种人做老公的话,真的是要天天打扰神请教神了~(*+﹏+*)悲哀!”

  11. FAY October 2, 2005 at 08:14


  12. FAY October 2, 2005 at 08:10


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