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A Time Consuming Process :)

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In the past few weeks, I feel that I have been held back from writing blogs due to the potentially time consuming process – the writing of blogs.  The root of the problem comes from the fact that I tend to be slower than almost everybody (if not all) when it comes to writing.

Even today, I still don’t know the reason that causes the "problem", which has been with me since the first time that I had to write several sentences together (a paragraph).  I could still remember that it was when I was the first or the second grade (6-7 years old), I needed to write paragraph(s) to describe something for homework — a trip, a dream, my family, my room, my house, etc. (Rather mindless topic as everyone can see.  Oh, I have done all those topics listed above at that age. XD )  I would spend hours and hours to just fill a small section of the page.  In college, I still have the same difficulty in my writing classes.  You have no idea how much I wish to be like those who can finish several pages in one or two hours, BUT I guess I will have to live with this inconvenvience (for the rest of my life).

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To give you a sense of "time", a short piece of blog (less than 10 sentences) will take me in a range from 30 minutes to 1+ hour, and a median blog (1+ paragraph w/ 10+ sentences) will require 3+ hours. However, a “big” one, which requires some researches and designs in layout, will need at least 5-6 hours, or very likely more than 8 hours. All the time is only for the first draft with some minor or no revision. Currently, I have several topics that I like to share, but I can easily spend 8 hours or more on each topic.  Writing blog (or writing anything) indeed is a time consuming process.


Now here are some questions (or information that I would like to learn from you):

   1.  How much time do spend on average writing blog? (20 min? 30 min? Or more?)
   2.  Is it worth to spend many hours to write a topic posting on blog?
   3.  How much time will you spend writing blog the most?
   4.  For my other blog, should I have both English and Chinese?

Note: This one took me 4+ hours so far.


7 responses to “A Time Consuming Process :)

  1. KKai August 29, 2005 at 15:20

    琉璃What type of message do you want to read in Chinese, huh? :DI used to write some … short paragraphsRather like "modern chinese poem" style .. :DHOWEVER, I stopped long ago.The reason? … Yes you guess it …It takes too long to write ….. XD

  2. KKai August 29, 2005 at 15:17

    Ha … now you guys can feel my pain :)However, I really have to say that ….YOU GUYS ARE FAST!!! :D

  3. KKai August 29, 2005 at 15:15

    Katia_CastroYou certainly can add me to your blog list :)I think I may be too picky after all.First, I will spend hours to develop ideas and content …Sometimes I would even write a short outline before I begin to write.Then I will spend time design the layout, font color, and search of suitable images .. etc.

  4. Stephen August 29, 2005 at 08:39

    O, Kkai, too long. The most I can afford is 1 hour, usually within 30 min. Before I decide to write, I have already some idea on my mind, otherwise I would rather rest.

  5. Michelle August 28, 2005 at 15:13

    I usaly spent about 15 mins depening on what i’m writing about at the most 30 min… yes i think u should have both Chinese and English :D ~michelle~

  6. Joyce August 28, 2005 at 11:23

    ㄟ你真ㄉ閒成降子………….通常花ㄍ十分鐘寫就好ㄌ吧….. 太久滿浪費時間ㄉ實在很不可思議耶你 = =ps: 寫ㄍ中文ㄉ吧 沒看過你寫… 鮮~

  7. KATIA August 28, 2005 at 10:18

    Hi friend… yes you have some existencial analysis to do on the blog cause : ))))))I use to meditate about any daily occurence or feeling and from there, write my blogs.When I do this, I feel I shoud type faster not to loose my thoughts… it so takes me 10 minutes average to write and put some colours on my blogs. And I also need to delete some extra sentences or nobody will read them.When working with photos, of course I could spend an hour or more. Photo presentations are the most visible in my space.For me creation is a simple, natural and quick process as I prefer a bad-written truth than the flowered lies. By the way… you have a fantastic place here. Can I add this to my blog list? My friends could visit you and see how a space should be: well organized, ellaborated and intelligent.Heart kissesK

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