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A Word Came When I Slept

Today as I was waking up from my slumber, a word came into my mind.  Actually, there are many other words and images, but this is what I remember and what is shocking to me.  By the way, I am the type of person who will have many words, images, and thoughts while waking up.  (You know the short period of time before you wake up your mind is usually extremely active.)

I heard,
"This is a test, so start passing it."

Then later today as I pondered, I realized that everyday to everyone was like "taking classes" whether we know it, or not.  I think all of you probably have observed that some people seem to make the same mistake over and over again, as if they are in a loop and never be able to get out of the loop.  They think they are going forward, but in fact, they are in a circle.  Just like the Israelite in the desert after they left Egypt, they thought they were going forward to the Promised Land, Canaan, but instead, they kept going around and around in the desert.  I believe the reason is what I just said — taking the same class and the same exam, but never being able to pass.  In the end, almost all of the Israelite in that generation perished in the desert.  You see, leaving the Egypt is just the first step to the people of Israel and to all Christians.  Then, the next step, instead of entering into the Promised Lad, is to enter into desert to grow, to be strong, to be mature, and to be tested before God can trust them/you with His power and His authority (to take over the land, the Promised Land).  For those non-Christians, if anyone seems to make the same mistake over and over again, I believe that what you encounter is your test also.  I hope you can soon break the cycle and pass the test at this moment of your life, whatever it is. :)

Grace be with ye,


One response to “A Word Came When I Slept

  1. sux August 26, 2005 at 06:05

    en en ~~i mean mp3 is mp3 player||||(i am so

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