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Concerning Marriage – Part I

My young brother is getting married on the Aug 20th, which is a week from today.  Yeah, he is younger than I and eagerly to marry himself off.  I, however, don’t really have anything to say to his marriage at this point.  As you may recall, I am scared of marriage as the previous test confirms. (Possibly the reason I am afraid is that I am too careful, thoughtful, truthful, and rational in everything and/or anything.)  There is one simple calculation that I show people how small the chance of having a good, long-lasting marriage can be.

In the US, the chance of getting married and divorce is greater than 50% (let us just assume 50%, which is higher than the actual number), and the chance of being married without divorce and having a dissatisfied married is greater than 90% (let us round the number to 90%).

Now we can do the calculation of the possibility of having a good, long-lasting marriage by this, 50% x (1-90%) = 5%.  5% of chance to have sucessful marriage.  That is to have the odd of 5% to begin the marriage.  With two rounded numbers and many other negative factors, the chance can be much lower than 5%.  In fact, my estimated number/possibility is between 1-2.5%.

Someone, as rational as I, should/would think (more than) twice before getting married.

However [BUT] to my surprise, God seems to have other plan for me.
(To be contined …)


5 responses to “Concerning Marriage – Part I

  1. FAY August 18, 2005 at 08:31

    Talking about God’s arrangement,I’ll discuss with you another day. Thanks for your comments,boy~~

  2. KKai August 15, 2005 at 06:23

    You really know my age? :D

  3. FAY August 14, 2005 at 11:58

    Well,consider your life with your mind–It’s not bad. (though I’ve already known you are younger than me) I am gonna to add you in my"congener’s life",See ya◕‿-。 DD!

  4. KKai August 14, 2005 at 06:38

    Emma,First, there is no girl that I want at this moment [yet].So … don’t get excited too early … lolSecond, yes the number is different in different countries.However, the divorce rate in most countries are around 50%, and usually higher than 50%.Thus, ( 100% – divorce rate) > 50%, and I rounded the number to 50% to make the calcuation easier, yet not less realistic. :D

  5. Emma August 14, 2005 at 06:29

    ohhhhh kkai!! is this about a girl that you are falling madly in love with?? oh how romantic…hehehehehe lolz!! congrats to your younger bro too!!! that sucks about the percentages…well maybe its different in different countries!! :D

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