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A Quote

This quote is somehow similar to the blog that I posted yesterday. In different ways, it shows some properties of a mature person. I like it very much, and I hope you like it too. :)

"It teaches the strong to know when they are weak and the brave to face themselves when they are afraid. To be proud and unbowed in defeat yet humble and gentle in victory. And to master ourselves before we attempt to master others. And to learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep. And to give the predominance of courage over timidity."

– General Douglas MacArthur, on the virtues of competitive athletics.


7 responses to “A Quote

  1. KKai August 3, 2005 at 10:33

    Píñk_§ødå The nicest thing that you have ever said to me … wahaha …I thought you only knew how to tease me … XD

  2. Emma August 3, 2005 at 10:26

    cool quote…it really amazes me where you get all of this cool stuff from!! nice job!! *gives a round of applause* |-D

  3. 渝兒 July 31, 2005 at 10:35

    Hi! Thanks for visit my msn space.I so happy to meet you.In fact, my English is really poor, so if you can’t understead my grammar.I just can say, I’m really sorry.

  4. Q July 29, 2005 at 12:31

    I really love this quote!How many visits do I have so far?Thousands, I think…~~~~~ I am construcive to others….. ~~~~~~~R U trying to remind me that?^___^

  5. Michelle July 27, 2005 at 15:03

    Hey KKai i realy like that quote and yesterdays post about what is mature…have a GREAT day!!! Byeeee

  6. vina July 27, 2005 at 08:54

    Thanks for your 5 questions, and these points are too hard to me^^. I can only achieve is construcive to others. I don’t know why I always can give helpful advices to others, but cannot help myself, it might be I cannot see myself clearly. I deeply believe there are still many people like me, they cannot understand themselves. And, I found a interesting circumstance, sometimes a person who looks to think deeply and plan carefully, he is just sensitively; and someone who looks open and clear, maybe he just childy. And many others they mature in some aspect, but they are also immature in others aspects. If maturity is not contrast with immaturity, thus people would not looks so complicated.

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