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What Is Being Mature?

I just came across a blog asking this question, what was being mature. I thought of myself and came up these four.

  1. Know yourself … your strong points, weakness …
  2. Be yourself … accept and know how to work inside of you …don’t be proud when you are strong, but don’t be sad and hopeless when you are weak. It also means that don’t try to be what you are not.
  3. Be harmless, selfless, and sometimes constructive to others
  4. Fearless … From time to time, great courage is needed to be youself and/or do what is right. Be not afraid to be yourself and do what is right is being mature, I think.
  5. Be able to listen and be open minded. [Added 07/26/05 1:20am]

Of course, being mature is not limited to these four, and I am certain that you may have better/different ideas. So the same question for you. To you, what is being/is like to be mature? Please feel free to comment and share your ideas. :)



One response to “What Is Being Mature?

  1. Q July 27, 2005 at 01:47

    I just love the five that you had above~I think you’ve given the best answer to the question~However, " be constructive to others …" —- this one is hard for me~* I love the comment ~ (my blog 7/24)"Home, where the heart is … Where the heart is … timeless, limitless, and eternal "

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