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10 Suggestions on Digital Camera

Recently, I read this article that gives 10 useful tips for digital camera owners and wanna-be owners alike. :D

1. End shutter lag.
End the shutter-lag by prefocusing trick (the half press trick), or get expensive SLR models. :p

2. Don’t believe the megapixel myth.
4-6 megapixel is more than enough. Lens and sensor quality are better determinants.

3. Ignore digital zoom.
Only Optical zoom matters.

4. Ditch the starter card.
The memory card that comes w/ the camera is always too small.

5. Beware the format factor.
It is obvious, but still beware. :)

6. Do your research.
Do your homework, so you know what you need/want and don’t have to buy the expansive model suggested by saleman.

7. Know your class.
Different types of users have different needs. One size of shoes won’t fit all.

8. Turn off the flash.
To take photo that is further than 8 ft, the digital camera’s flash is useless.

9. Turn on the flash.
Use it when someone’s face is in shadow.

10. Turn off the screen.
The back screen is a joke and a big power sucker. :D

I hope this can help anyone who owns and wants to own digital camera. You can find the origianl sourse here. Sorry about lack of images again, because I don’t want other people think that I am advertising from a particular company or model. :D



6 responses to “10 Suggestions on Digital Camera

  1. Jason July 3, 2005 at 03:13

    the funny thing is alot of newer diga-cams are doing away with the the optical viewfinder. hope that lcd backlight doesn’t die.;)

  2. Emma June 17, 2005 at 10:19

    ohhh this could be useful to me!! i have a digital camera!! yayayayay!!!

  3. Tasha x June 15, 2005 at 20:26

    Hmm .. i see. I dont personally hav a digi cam but my dad does and if im very very nice he lets me use it (not very often in other words :P) but its U can take vidios on it how cool is that?!? yea, my rich uncle gave it to us second hand. its kinda old but I still think its spiffeh! lol okay now im rambling on about shit all so im gonna shut up now. see what happens to me when your not online?!? I go insane!Buh byeTasha *mwah*

  4. KKai June 13, 2005 at 09:38

    >>Are you trying to tell me something? Fn-Tasha,Nah … Just help anyone in general. :DSome helpful tips … I think ;)

  5. Tasha June 12, 2005 at 23:00

    Hmmm… Are you trying to tell me something? ;)

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