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The Forgotten History, the Forgotten You

Before I said anything, I will apologize if any of you is sick of hearing things about the Pope.

Three days ago, my dad told me that the Pope who just died was a relative of our family. Yeah, I was like …. what the …

This is the line that I know/hear.

I – my dad – my dad’s sister – my dad’s sister’s hubby – my dad’s sister’s hubby’s mother – my dad’s sister’s hubby’s mother’s relative in Poland, the Pope.

Someone said it was kind of closed, but I don’t know anyone beyond my dad’s sister’s hubby.

Now it is kind of interesting to know that my cousin has/shares the same blood line w/ the Pope.

Also, when I heard this, I was pondering, and the small world had become even smaller than I thought to be.

This really gives me a feeling that maybe … just maybe … everybody can somehow be related to anybody in our forgotten history.

I can almost hear Jesus saying to me, "Love one another."


One response to “The Forgotten History, the Forgotten You

  1. Gosia April 19, 2005 at 21:28

    Just read your note about pope…and yess world is really not so big like we all think…Greetz from Poland :)xxxG

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