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GMail Invitation

Google seems to set the goal of emaiil storage to "infinity +1" <– corporation language. (For those "hate math" viewers, infinity + 1 is still infinity, so only one conclusion is that it must be corporation language. ) The point to mention Google mail is that if anyone out there still does not acquire a gmail account, please do free feel to contact me.


Here is a nature film about tropical rainforest. I have not watched it, but soon I will. The cover and introduction of the film can be found below for the enjoyment of naturalists and nature lovers out there:

TROPICAL RAINFOREST tells the story of the rain forests and brings to life the beauty and the biological treasures they contain. Viewers see the incredible diversity of species of the rain forests, from gaudy frogs and magnificent birds, to exotic plants and flowers.

Filmed in Australia, Costa Rica, French Guiana, and Malaysia, TROPICAL RAINFOREST is a global film which examines the long evolution of the rain forest, the rapid and recent destruction of this habitat, and the scientific efforts to understand them before they disappear.

Here is a screenshot of one interesting little green fellow. According some viewers, you need to have wide screen to fully appreciate the film.


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