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MGS2: Sons of Liberty [final]

The ending is lame, not to my surprise.

Some people said that the game was too linear.

However, I still love the game because playing the game is like being in the movie.

And, I will certainly play the game a few more times.

Then, I will try MGS3, which according to some people is beter than MGS2.

PS: Many long talks near the ending are full of craps w/ some truth.

They can write better scripts and/or argument than that.


One response to “MGS2: Sons of Liberty [final]

  1. A September 11, 2005 at 08:29

    I thought the scripts were pretty brilliant. Things like the patriot act are very close to the grand conspiracy in the game, (ok, so no giant robots in real life, but that’s what nuculear subs are for X)) and it seemed the game’s creator is quite educated and astute when it comes to politics. Sure, the "well, do whatever you want now, you’re free" thing at the end was a little contrived, and the whole relationship wierdness between raiden and his girl was a little unnecessary, i mean the room thing (from the chick’s point of view, considering she was a spook plant) was wierd, the guy could be a zen buddhist for all we know. And I mean, she fell in love with a contract killer (c’mon, the guy is a CLEANER…I must have killed a thousand mercs in the game) for crying out loud! The guy is bound to have a quirk or two. but i agree, the game was cool , and i’m not trying to bash your opinion or anything. BTW yer page is awesome. I’m not so internet savvy just yet, and mine is kinda bleh. if you have any tips on changing/customizing, please post a comment on my page if you have the time. -C

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